The Gestalt Shift in Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes Stories

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Sherlockian Holmesian

BBC Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch phone

Here is the secret case in London. Sherlock's secret name: Agent XYZ.
He need your help. The game is on.

Sherlockian Holmesian

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Sherlockian Holmesian

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Sherlockian Holmesian

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Sherlockian Holmesian

Flophone - Walkthrough

• Start by entering your name

• Read the message welcoming you.

• Check your E-Mail “We have a slight problem. Agent Ross has taken some highly classified documents from our office and has been spotted at a hotel in London. We need you to get on the next flight to London and retrieve the documents. I am also sending you a photo of Agent Ross. We are counting on you!”

• Check out all of the features on your phone and get to know how it works.

• Take a look at the photo of Agent Ross.

• Click on the door and click on “Travel to London”

• Once in London, click on the Hotel Marker and listen to the receptionist.

• Take the hotel key and head to your room.

• Use your key to unlock the door and look around the room.

• Notice the glass on the stand. It might have a fingerprint on it so use your camera to take a picture of the glass.

• There is a message stating that you have received a new E-Mail. Check your E-Mail to find that your boss just uploaded a new application to your phone, now you can search the database for Names, Addresses, phone numbers and fingerprints.

• Open the database application on your phone and select search fingerprints, select the photo of the fingerprints that you just took and then press search

• Add the result record to your list of contacts and then leave the hotel by either making your way back through the hotel or by clicking on the GPS Application on your phone and then clicking on the map.

• Once at the map of London, notice there is a new location for you to travel to.

• Click on the marker for Brandy Westbrook to travel to her house. Look around for a way inside, there is a key under the door mat!

• Once inside look around quickly and you will find a painting on the wall that you should take a photo of for later, there is a sticky note under some paper that holds a clue for later.

• Never leave any stone un-turned! Check behind the lamp to find a key.

• Take a look at the phone lying on the table, the last number dialed can be searched in the database to uncover a new location!

• Once you have discovered the location of Westbrook Inc. Head to the map of London once again and travel to Brandy’s office by clicking on the marker.

• Once at the office, use the key you found behind the lamp to enter the office.

• Now inside the office, there isn’t much. Check out the computer which requires a password. The password is pretty simple, it can be found by taking a closer look at the photo you took at Brandy’s house of the painting. The photo reveals the numbers – 1423

• Once you have access to the computer take a look at the chat window! Brandy is supposed to be meeting Ross later so you need to take note of the new hotel that Ross is staying at.

• Once you have the name of the hotel, search the name in the database to uncover where it is located.

• Head to the map of London and click the marker for the Sleepy Pillow Hotel.

• Once in the hotel you will find the room is locked! Go back down the hall and search around the Maid cart to find a room key.

• Use the room key to unlock Ross’s room.

• Once inside you will find a briefcase that is locked! To the left is a television that won’t turn off.

• Check around the bed, behind the pillow and you will find the remote control for the television. Once it has been turned off, take a closer look at it. You will find the code “737” add it to your notes.

• Now use that code to unlock the briefcase to get back the classified documents!

• Head back to the map of London and click on the airport marker.

• Once back to your office, you are greeted with a medal of honor! Congratulations you retrieved the classified documents and you passed your very first mission!!

Sherlockian Holmesian

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