The Gestalt Shift in Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes Stories

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My name is Bálint Teller (nickname: Walentin), I was born on the 31st of August 1983 in Budapest and I live there. After finishing high school I earned two degrees as technician and then I applied to the Róbert Károly College in Gyöngyös.

I publish articles since 2005. My first critics appeared at PcLife website – I reviewed video games and wrote about my experiences after playing the games. My first interview appeared on this website as well. After the website was closed, I almost immediately became a contributor at – my job was the same as at PcLife, and I published a parodistic novel. I was always concerned in the movie industry, so I made a by-pass to the site of Sorozat Planet. My first review of a tv series appeared there:


From 2010 to 2012 I was the editor of the Filmbox section of Budaörs Rádió. During that time besides movie reviews I wrote tv series critics and published movie news on a weekly basis, and made two interviews with Hungarian dubbing actors. I also took part in the 24 hours live broadcast as editor and presenter on the radio station’s birthday. Sadly with changes in the management of the radio its website was closed. From 2012 till present I publish movie reviews on different sites of Hí group, I have my own column called „Mozgókép” (Moving pictures). Here I published an interview with the editor of monthly magazine GameStar.

After watching the Sherlock Holmes series starring Jeremy Brett I began to search for movies and writings related to the Holmes stories. This way I got in touch with Hungarian Holmes fans and thanks to this my writings appeared on the website maintained by the fans.

Kind regards: Bálint Teller Consulting

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Sherlock Holmes is The World's Greatest Detective. - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote the canon. EVERYTHING else is fanfiction.

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