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Jeremy Brett interview

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Stephen Fry talks Sherlock and Jeremy Brett

The Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes Podcast.

Sherlock Holmes is the greatest fictional detective in history.

Sherlockian Holmesian

Video - Total running time: ~ 23:35

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Stephen Fry is an English actor, comedian, filmmaker and writer.

In this very special, supplemental episode, Gus and Luke sit down with Stephen Fry to discuss his early, Sherlockian experiences, his love for the canon and the Granada series, his encounters with Mr. Jeremy Brett, and more.

Stephen Fry: „ I have no doubt that few performances in the history of television drama were as perfect, passionate, exquisitely realised and definitely delivered as that of Jeremy Brett’s extraordinary Sherlock Holmes. ” - Quote from the BAFTA petition comments (provided by

Jeremy Brett and Stephen Fry

Sherlockian Holmesian

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Sherlockian Holmesian

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Sherlockian Holmesian

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Sherlockian Holmesian

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Sherlock Holmes is The World's Greatest Detective. - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote the canon. EVERYTHING else is fanfiction.

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